Progress in Reporting Period 2

The BiFFiO pilot plant consisting of the pre-processing unit, the anaerobic reactors and the process monitoring system was installed at the University of Liverpool at the beginning of 2015. 

To obtain optimum performance of the reactors, minimise process destabilisation, increase yield of biogas production, reduce energy consumption as well as odour problems, the substrate is pre-processed according to established schedule before entering the anaerobic reactors. The pre-processed substrate is prepared with different mixture ratio of fish and dairy waste. The different mixes make up the scenarios of the anaerobic digestion process in BiFFiO.

Before starting feeding with substrates however, a run up period was started in Feb. 2015 during which the reactors were inoculated and operated without substrate until the produced gas amount of the inoculum decreased and the methane concentration increased. During the run-up period, we successfully solved a view start up-/ test plant-problems like pipe clogging due to fibres in the substrate and struvite precipitation that appeared due to the character of the material used for the inoculum.

Fibres that created clogging in the test plant
Fibres that created clogging in the test plant

This was achieved by analysing the material selected for the feeding of the reactors and developing a suitable pre-treatment by modifying the designed pre-processing routines..

The first test-phase for the pilot plant started in July 2015. During this phase, different mixes of marine aquaculture sludge and agriculture manure have been successfully tested. This test-phase has just ended and the reactors will now be tested with mixes of fresh water aquaculture sludge and dairy waste.

The operation of the pilot plant as well as the gas quality is continuously monitored with an intelligent control system and can be monitored by each project partner online. The monitoring system has been manufactured by one of the SME project partners, AWITE Bioenergie GMB. During the first test phase, we optimised the gas quality measurement by changing two sensors with less cross sensitivity.

HMI of the BiFFiO reactor.png
HMI of the BiFFiO reactor


Parallel with the pretreatment and the anaerobic digestion, a protocol for assessment of nutrient availability in anaerobic digestate has been developed. Based on the developed protocol, preliminary growth trials using laboratory pots have been performed. The results obtained from the preliminary trials will be used for the growth trials with recuperated nutrients from the digestate of the different reaction scenarios.

BiFFiO presented at two bioenergy events

On behalf the project, Teknologisk Institutt (TI) has taken part at the sixth annual AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference and the Norwegian Bioenergy Exhibition and Conference (in 2015. At both events, BiFFiO was disseminated with PowerPoint presentation as well as project poster and flyers at own stand.

The AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference was organized by the European Biomass Association (one of the SMES-AGs in the project) in Brussels on May 4- 6 2015. The conference is a key bioenergy event and is Europe’s major occasions for discussion and networking amongst important industry leaders, the scientific community and policy makers. The 6th conference in May 2015 was attended by about 300 delegates.

June Karin H. Vastveit of TI presenting BiFFiO at the AEBIOM Conference

The Norwegian Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition (Bioenergidagene) was held at Jessheim outside Oslo, Norway on November 18-19 2015. The event was organised by Nobio (another SME-AG in BiFFiO). This is an annual event for mingling and exchange of experience by industry, scientific community, policy makers, media, consultants and the civil society engaged in bioenergy. The 2015 event was attended by about 200 participants.

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