Project Results

Status of the project

BiFFiO has been granted a 3-month extension and the project period ended on January 31 2017, with all scheduled scenarios successfully completed. Collected data have been evaluated and analyses regarding nutrient recovery, heavy metals, biogas gas yield and quality and other parameters of the different mixes of the substrate have been performed.

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Functionality tests of the BiFFiO pilot plant

After solving different technical problems that where related to the small size of the pilot plant, we have now successfully completed most of the planned test scenarios that include:

  • Scenarios with different mixes of marine aquaculture waste and cattle manure
  • Scenarios with different mixes of freshwater aquaculture waste and cattle manure
  • Scenarios with freshwater aquaculture sludge, cattle manure & cuttings

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Progress in Reporting Period 2

The BiFFiO pilot plant consisting of the pre-processing unit, the anaerobic reactors and the process monitoring system was installed at the University of Liverpool at the beginning of 2015. 

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End of the 1th project period

January 2015 is the end of the 1th of three periods in the BiFFiO project, durring the period there have been high activity and good progress in the project. In the beginning of November a Management Board Meeting were held in Liverpool at School of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool. Partners from UoL, TI, ACl, SSPO, BTA, OU Kalaveski and Awite where represented.

The BiFFiO pilot plant are now contructed and the reactors are these days inoculated with a starting agent. It is expected that the test trail starts in february.

In the photo June Vastveit, Iain Young, Paul Myers, Sven Bollmeier and Lelum Manamperuma are inspecting the pilot plant.


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BiFFiO: dissemination activities

Read brochure here.

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International Festival of Business 2014

University of Liverpool participated in the 2014 International Festival of Business, attending several open meeting including the Irish Sea Maritime Forum ( and The Atlantic Action Plan: Finance Opportunities for Projects, Chances for SMEs (both attended by DG Mares or representatives). At both of these the BiFFiO project and the market potential of Anaerobic Digestion of fish, cattle and mixed waste, as well as the possible co-products and value chain were discussed in workshops and in open symposia.

UoL also occupied the University of Liverpool Pop-up-shop during the International festival of Business presenting posters (banner attached) and information from the BiFFiO project.

Read projects brochue: BiFFiO - Fish Farm Waste to Free Energy

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BiFFiO Brochure:

Read project brochure here.


BiFFiO Brochures was presented and available at IFAT (World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management) May 5–9, 2014, Messe München


BiFFiO Brochures was presented and available at Energy day Norway, May 5–6, 2014, Oslo

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Dissemination activities and conference attendance:

BiFFiO has been accepted for oral presentation to the Renewable Energy Research Conference (RERC), Oslo (16-18th June, 2014)


BiFFiO will be presented at the European Biomass Association AEBIOM Conference, 12-14th May, 2014)

More information here.


BiFFiO was in the Newsletter of ‘Bundesverbands Aquakultur’ (January 2014)

Article in German

Read article here .

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Current activities

Currently,the  RTDs in the project are working on Work Packages 1, 2 and 3 in order to accomplish logistical plans  designing the process to be developed and facilitating  installation of  systems. Waste samples are collected and waste composition are being analyzed for the important  parameters. The consortium is mapping legislations  and end-user needs in the three European countries (Germany, UK, and Norway). Relevant technologies for pre-treatment and anaerobic digestion (AD) are assessed. A technology for AD is already decided and facilities are under construction.

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Kick-off meetings

The first technical RTDs meeting was held at School of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool on 11th November 2013; And the kick-off meetings for the project was held on 12th November at the same location. The following pictures show partners representing  TI, UoL, ACI, SSPO, BTA, Landberatung, Awite, a&w during at Dairy Farm Centre of Excellence next door to the meeting location.



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