The British Trout Association LTD IPS

The British Trout Association, BTA Ltd IPS, represents 86 member SMEs, and approximately 85-90% of trout production in the UK.


The BTA plays a pivotal role in the continuing development of the industry on four fronts: (1) By ensuring that the UK trout industry has a reasonable legislative framework within which to operate, in terms of both EU and domestic legislation; (2) By maintaining a structured and relevant programme of research and development; (3) By generating an appropriate level of generic promotion to underpin the marketing activities on-going within the industry; (4) By administrating the industry’s quality assurance scheme, Quality Trout UK Ltd. Established 29 years ago, the BTA is a limited company but operates on a non-profit basis, re-investing any surplus into either research and development or promotion activity. Through FEAP (Federation of European Aquaculture Producers), BTA takes part in a number of projects and are committed to continuing work in the subject area of improvement and innovation of aquaculture effluent treatment technology to the benefit of trout aquaculture.

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