Association europeenne pour la biomasse

The Association europeenne pour la biomasse, AEBIOM, is a non-profit Brussels based international organisation (under Belgian law) founded in 1990 whose aim is to promote the sustainable development of the bioenergy sector in the EU.


It is a network of 33 national biomass associations, and as each national association has its own members AEBIOM currently represents a network of more than 4000 companies, organisations or individuals. It should be noted that AEBIOM covers Europe and is not restricted to EU-27. Starting from 2007 AEBIOM is also open to direct membership of companies as associated members. So far, AEBIOM has more than 70 associate members - companies working in various bioenergy sectors. AEBIOM activities cover networking among its members, lobbying European institutions, communication activities, information dissemination and event organisation. AEBIOM also manages various European projects.

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