aqua & waste International is specialized in the design and realization of industrial and municipal wastewater and sludge treatment systems. aqua & waste is since 2002 on the market, starting with the turnkey delivering of an aerobic wastewater treatment for a juice factory in Spain. The main focuses of the company today are biogas projects, using industrial residues and/ or the co-fermentation of sludge from wastewater treatments with industrial residues. In one currently running project aqua & waste is responsible for the design and erection of a co-fermentation plant in China, using the wastewater surplus sludge from the wastewater treatment and the residues from the pharmaceutical industries. The volume of the anaerobic reactors is totally 30,000 m3. In the field of municipal wastewater treatment, aqua & waste is involved in the construction of a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Srinagar/ India using the patented H-Batch system. In another research project, aqua & waste is responsible for the execution of analyses at three municipal anaerobic full stream treatment plants in India, Brazil and the Emirates. aqua & waste will develop the market segment of biogas plants for industrial residues in all scales, also using co-fermentation and using the organic solid waste fraction for the biogas production. Because of the current projects, aqua & waste expects a relevant growth in India, China, the Emirates and in Brazil.

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