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aqua consult Ingenieur GmbH (ACI) is a consulting and engineering company which is specialized in the development and application of environmental protection technologies.


The main focus of the activities is the field of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and biogas projects. The size of the municipal projects cover a range from treatment plants for individual households up to one of the world biggest wastewater treatment plant in Athens (capacity 4,5 Mio PE). In the field of industrial treatment a wide range of mechanical, physical, chemical and biological technologies have been applied in design, realization and optimization of the operation. The private owners of aqua consult are all engaged in universities and in universities for applied sciences, and in the 30 years of the company’s history a large number of research projects have been realized and own technologies have been developed (PANDA technology, Bypass-technology for storm water runoff, optimized concept for the inlet structure of final clarifiers, application of ceramic membranes for the anaerobic treatment, etc.). In the field of nitrogen and phosphorous removal aqua consult has a specific experience and knowledge due to the developments for specific municipal and industrial wastewater streams. One example is the treatment of nitrogen loaded wastewater with a lack of carbon and the biological phosphorous removal. For this specific applications have been developed and/ or applied (e.g. deammonification, ISAH-technology, CISAH-technology). In the field of biogas production from several substrates aqua consult has designed and realized a large number of plants. One large plant for the anaerobic digestion of corn has a capacity of 4 MWel, In view to the usage of organic substrates relevant experiences are available in aqua consult about the co-fermentation of organic substrates with sewage sludge. Dependent from the type of organic substrate, suitable pre-conditioning technologies are applied, like hydrolysis or a mechanical treatment.

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