This website provides public information about the BiFFiO project. BiFFiO was funded by 'Research for the benefit of SMEs' within the EU 7th Framework Programme. The BiFFiO project will develop a sustainable and cost effective waste management technology for the aquaculture and agriculture industry. Official start date of project was 1 November 2013. Project duration is 36 months.

Project Description

The BiFFiO project is an example of industrial symbiosis, initiated from aquaculture, agriculture and renewable energy industries for a sustainable waste management by producing renewable energy from mixed aquaculture and agriculture waste, in addition to production of fertilizer, which will be used in agriculture sector. The partners will develop energy efficient, cost effective, easy to implement and easy to operate biogas reactor technology. BiFFiO has in total eleven partners including SME Associations, other enterprises, and research institutions participating in the project that will run until the end of 2016.

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Project Results

Status of the project

BiFFiO has been granted a 3-month extension and the project period ended on January 31 2017, with all scheduled scenarios successfully completed. Collected data have been evaluated and analyses regarding nutrient recovery, heavy metals, biogas gas yield and quality and other parameters of the different mixes of the substrate have been performed.

Functionality tests of the BiFFiO pilot plant

After solving different technical problems that where related to the small size of the pilot plant, we have now successfully completed most of the planned test scenarios that include:

  • Scenarios with different mixes of marine aquaculture waste and cattle manure
  • Scenarios with different mixes of freshwater aquaculture waste and cattle manure
  • Scenarios with freshwater aquaculture sludge, cattle manure & cuttings

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